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Asp.Net Training

ASP.NET is a programming language which is used for web development and building the websites. It is a scripting language for making the web applications. ASP.NET is an independent programming language which is suitable for building a web applications and it is a server side scripting language.

Advantages of ASP.NET Language:

  • ASP.NET is secure and indepent language.
  • It is a full supporting languages for CSS and XML web pages.
  • It is Mac and Linux Supporting language.

4Square Logic IT Solutions company provides the ASP.NET language training in jalandhar.It's not an Institute, it's an highly professional company which provides the industrial training to students. Our company provides complete ASP.NET training which includes Microsoft Visual Basic, C#, JScript .NET, and JQuery. We provides the complete materials to students for practicing like Books, Labs. Our ASP.NET language teachers are highly experienced and Knowledged persons and they have very much experienced in ASP.NET Teaching. They are professional in ASP.NET Language.

ASP.NET Language Course Detail for 6 month training:

  • 1) Introduction to Microsoft .Net
    •       The Common Language Runtime
    •       Using Visual Studio
    •       Syntax and Data Type
    •       OOPS Concepts
    •       Collection Classes
    •       File Handling
    •       Exceptions Handling
    •       Building Window Applications
    •       Using ADO.NET
    •       Server control
    •       Server pages using ASP.NET
    •       ASP.NET Caching
  • 3) SQL Server Management Studio
  • 4) SQL Server Advance