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Java Training

Java is a platform independent language and High level language. which is used for developing Softwares and Dynamic websites. It is highly secure and object oriental language. Java is a highly secure language and multithreding language. It is very usable and used in all of IT companies.

4Square Logic IT Solutions provides the JAVA Training in jalandhar. This is the first company in jalandhar which is certified and handles JAVA projects. Our all developers are JAVA Certified and too much experienced. Our staff's intelligence and their teachining strategy is easily understand by every students. We provide the facility for students to work on live projects.

We provide the Advance and Core java training to engineering students and our developers offer simplest tips to study for students that is quickly and easily understood by the all students. We also provide tips to students for clearing other companie's technical and interview round.

Syllabus Of JAVA Course:

  • 1) Core JAVA
    •       Object Oriented Programming concept.
    •       Introduct to JAVA
    •       Java Fundamental
    •       JAVA Programming
    •       Data Types, Variable
    •       Operators, Array
    •       Classes and Objects
    •       Package and Interface
    •       String Handling And Data Base Handling
  • 2) Advance JAVA
    •       Introduction
    •       Event Handling
    •       JDBC
    •       Networking Programming
    •       Data Server pages
    •       DataBase Programming Using JDBC