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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology for enhancing the website keywords positioning on the web search tool like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is the straightforward activity to rank the websites in first page off search engine. It is an internet marketing technique which is very helpful for increasing the online business. It's a practice which assists to improve the volume and traffic on the website. Search Engine is a most important part of internet marketing, and today it is too much utilized to increase the internet Business. Search engine optimization is separated into two fundamental parts ON page and OFF page optimization. On-page SEO is indicated to website factors which contain a website site page for example HTML code, URL Structure, text, pictures and External links. Off page is mainly indicates the Link Building, Social Profile creation and social bookmarking. Off page optimization is a main part of SEO strategy. SEO technique is divided into three parts:

  • 1) White Hat SEO
  • 2) Black Hat SEO
  • 3) Grey Hat SEO

White Hat SEO: White hat SEO methodology is used to upgrade the search engine rankings of a website. This totally runs as the search engine algorithm. It does not contain in any bluff. White Hat SEO methodology comprise the high quality content, Meta tags, Links farming, Keyword research and titles of website.

Black Hat SEO: Black Hat techniques utilized to get top rankings in an immoral method. It is totally different to white hat SEO and which is not working According to the guidelines of the search engine. Black Hat SEO completely depends on the bluff and it does not apply any type of Google guidelines.

Grey Hat SEO: Gray Hat SEO is a combination of White and black Hat SEO. It is a Mix up of Black and White Hat SEO. The method of Gray Hat SEO is always useful to obtain the fastest results. It is comprised the high keyword priority, reciprocal or exchange of links, Duplicate content etc.

4square Logic IT solution is an award winning search engine Optimization Company and we are only use the white hat SEO strategy for increase the online business.

4Square logic IT Solution use the different kinds of approach to grow the website ranking such as Bookmarking submission, Directory Submission, Local Listing, Blog creation, Article submission etc. Our company always works with the factors and quid lines of search engine.

There are 200 factors used in Search engine optimization technique for getting the top ranking of website. Every factor is very helpful to improve the traffic. 15 Most important SEO factors:

  • High quality and unique content
  • Valuable or relative content
  • Length Of content
  • Keyword is useful in starting of title tag
  • Domain Age
  • ON Page
  • Utilize the Xml Site map in website
  • Keyword use in the description Tag
  • Pictures optimization
  • Keyword are use in URL
  • Domain Length
  • Linking of URL
  • Canonical Issues
  • Keywords use in the alt or image Tag
  • Google webmaster tools accordance
  • Keywords utilized in H1 header tag

Countries We Cover For SEO Services: India, Canada, USA, UK, Australian, Singapore, Dubai, England, Italy and New Zealand.